Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Be careful what you wish for

I've been seeing "Impeach Bush" bumper stickers practically since before he took office. Now, congressional Democrats are starting to make semi-serious noises about impeachment procedings. Has anyone taken a good look at the line of succession to see who would replace Bush?
  1. Vice President Dick Cheney
  2. House Speaker Dennis Hastert
  3. Senate President Pro Tem Ted Stevens
  4. Secretary of State Condi Rice
  5. Treasury Secratary John Snow
  6. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
  7. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

I doubt many Bush-haters would consider many of these people improvements.


Blogger Rodney Dill said...

They probably realize they can't remove him from office, they mostly want to "get even" for Clinton's impeachment. I think Clinton's perjury for personal favors was more directly damaging to the Presidency than anything Bush has done. Even if some of Bush's action are later determined to be outside the law, his actions will be deemed to more justified (i.e. the defense of the US) than Clinton's (i.e. not wanted to get caught in a sexual indiscretion).
And I do believe the possibility that Bush actually broke the law to be a pretty big "IF".

5:15 PM PST  
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